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Hospitality Industry Leaders, Stephanie Leger & Michele Kline, tackle the challenges of management who sit behind a desk and miss out on opportunities. Stephanie & Michele are experts in service quality assurance & training facilitation. They have been enhancing service, inspiring leaders and employees, in the hospitality industry for 20+ years. They are absolute change agents and their processes stick!


WTF! Walk The Floors is a safe space where hoteliers can share stories of “mouth-opening” moments they have experienced throughout their careers and openly talk about it. We are committed to NEVER revealing the name of a property or employee, nor putting a brand at risk. WTF was born out of Stephanie’s & Michèle’s passion for high-quality service, a solid brand representation and training made fun! We believe that even though the hospitality industry can be extremely demanding, there is a ton of fun in it and they want to bring some of that to you. And why not, at the same time, point out some of those areas where opportunities are missed and service can be enhanced.


Follow their episodes as they embark on weekly training journeys while utilizing real-life experiences while they set the stage.

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WTF! Walk The Floors Training

With the WTF! Walk The Floors! program, we are committed to cultivating hospitality. We train driven professionals on the impact engagement and involvement in their daily operation can bring to those they serve.

This training equips customer-facing teams with the tools they need to start operating genuinely through a fun, engaging and impactful full-day program. Creating a framework and building a platform to take operations to the next level.

Our WTF! Walk The Floors training program targets both technical and emotional topics such as:

  • Service Etiquette

  • Failure Recovery

  • Authentic Service

  • Attitude & Accountability

  • Engaging Communication

  • Goal Execution

Duration: 8 hours Platform: In-person or Virtually


Facilitators: Michele Kline & Stephanie Leger


This program was created with the purpose of addressing the challenges related to management who sits behind a desk and misses out on opportunities to provide memorable guest and team member experiences.


As experts in service quality assurance & training facilitation, our Michele & Stephanie have been enhancing service, inspiring leaders and employees, in the hospitality industry for over 20 years.


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